Constitution of Nelva

The Constitution of Nelva is the legal foundation of Nelva and its most important text

Last reform on 13 January 2020


Symbols of the Alliance

Anthem (2015)

Logo of the Alliance (2018)


Article 1: The King is the guarantor of the proper functioning of the Alliance, in accordance with the values of NELVA and its ethics. If he, or a member of the government, behaves in a way that seems inappropriate to certain members, the Minister of Justice acts as mediator and has a right of veto that allows him to cancel any action of the King or the government that does not seem to him to be respectful of the values of the Alliance.
Article 2: The motto of the alliance is: "Education, Valor, Benevolence".
Article 3: Honesty, fighting spirit, loyalty to the rules of the game and the alliance are the principles of Nelva, and every Nelva swears and promises to uphold them.
Article 4: Nelva will not tolerate or condone any behavior that is contrary to its morals and ethics. This includes any toxic behavior, sitting or not following the rules of the game.
Article 5: The Nelvas can play in group on the public games, but in number limited by the rules of alliance (Rule of the two-thirds in the general case). Solo Nelvas are allowed, if they are and remain rivals of the other Nelvas except for treachery and mass-gold. The total number of Nelvas in a public game must never exceed the number allowed by the wolfpack game rules.
Article 6: Citizens and aspirants of Nelva may be asked to join a public game to search for any toxic behavior and deal with it with weapons. At the end of this fight, the archiving of the game is mandatory. 
Article 7: Any breach of articles 2 to 6 will lead to sanctions; sanctions depending on the intention and the good faith of the person responsible. If there is recognition of the error, the sanctions will always be less than if the responsibility is not assumed or in bad faith, where the sanctions will be more severe. In addition, the sanctions are applied in proportion to the value of the person responsible: Nelva will sanction a young citizen less than an old one.
Article 8: This Constitution may be amended in three ways: 

- A proposal to change the constitution carried by agreement between the King, the Arbiter, and any currently serving minister whose responsibilities concern the subject of the change. The King and the Ombudsman have an obligation to communicate their proposed change in advance, and to discuss it with the citizens. Constitutional change occurs on this initiative. If a minimum of 4 citizens of Nelva object and express a desire to vote for the change, a supermajority vote is held on the change.

- A proposal to change the constitution by a single citizen or a group of citizens. The King assesses the validity of the proposal through the lens of Nelva's ethics and the current constitution. If the proposal is valid, an absolute majority vote is held on the change.

- The King and the Government may decide to hold an absolute majority vote on a constitutional change 


Explanation of the Constitution : Please note that this is not a law. It is a text that explains the vision and will behind the law, in order to avoid misinterpretation

Article 5 : Article 5: Article 5 refers to the oldest traditions of the alliance. When you belong to an alliance, it is normal and natural to want to play with your friends and comrades. It makes the game much more fun and rewarding. However, it is important to look at things from the perspective of the “non-Nelva”.

When we play with our comrades, we have overwhelming advantages. We don’t fear betrayal, because we know our ally will fight to the end to protect us. We have secure communications that allow us to coordinate with great efficiency. We have common goals from the start of the game. We are trained, and we have the help and guidance of excellent players, or other comrades who will support us.

In comparison, a lone player entering the game has none of this, and must constantly look behind him to see if one of his allies is going to stab him. These advantages are real, and should not fool the Nelva into thinking that they are naturally good at the game: on the contrary, they should understand that they are lucky to be in their situation.

In doing so, Nelva, through benevolence, has decided to curb the advantages that Nelva groups have over solo players. If the game theoretically allows an alliance to fill an entire coalition, we do not allow it, because we know very well that 5 (or 7 on Supremacy1914) Nelva allied and united are, in 99% of the cases, unbeatable.

These limitations are a way for Nelva to allow the rest of the map to have more chances, and also for Nelva to have fewer chances, which allows them to test their valour and education. Finally, these limitations make it easier for Nelva to defend their ethics and benevolence to the other players on the map.