The Alliance assigns civilian and military ranks to its citizens, based on their qualities and accomplishments. These ranks are obtained by calculating points, time, and involvement. They are mostly honorary, but are used in some organizations, notably education or challenges (balancing).

These ranks can be military or civilian. They go from 5 to 1 each.

Rang 5 : Beginner / Retired

Rank 5 Ribbon

Beginner (Armed Forces): Freshly accepted Aspirants or Young Citizens, using this rank as a transition to correct any undetected defects. Also used to rehabilitate some civilians returning to the military.

Retired (Civilians): Civilians whose long presence and past activity prevents them from being discharged, but they no longer meet the standards of presence, level, or usefulness. This rank is also a hospice for the old Nelva who have not been able to earn an honorary degree by their history.

Rang 4 : Civil / Milicien

Rank 4 Ribbon

Militia (Armed Forces): Citizens with a basic understanding of the game and discipline through training and education. They have received enough education to not embarrass the alliance in public games. They still need to learn how to play competitively in order to acquire a true individual and collective game ability.

Civilian (Civilians): Citizens who have proven their worth in the past, and who maintain activity, presence, and involvement at least in discussions. They are not necessarily active in helping the alliance, but at least they are present as moderators and discussion partners

Rang 3 : Warrior / Sage

Rank 3 Ribbon

Warrior (Armed Forces): Trained citizens with moderate to good experience. Their knowledge of the game and discipline allows them to mentor other players, and participate in competitive play. Rank 3 is the goal for any member of the military.

Sage (Civilians): Citizens who are no longer able to play as regularly as they used to, but who still help the alliance, either by passing on the knowledge of their former military expertise, or by taking responsibility for maintaining or improving the atmosphere of the alliance

Rang 2 : Knight / Elder

Rank 2 Ribbon

Knight (Armed Forces): Experienced and highly trained citizens who can push the physical or intellectual limits of most players. They have proven competitive ability, as well as the ability to mentor, if necessary in a competitive setting.

Elders (Civilians): Citizens who, even though they no longer play, have become extremely important to the running of the alliance, often as advisors, or as guides for young ministers or alliance helpers

Rank 1: Master of Arms / Master

Rank 1 Ribbon

Master-at-Arms (Armed Forces): Highly experienced citizens who, while not better fighters than knights, are notable for their ability to infuse the entire alliance with their knowledge and play style. Their competitive ability is enhanced by their interest in meta-study, and they can only progress individually in the pursuit of the level of play of others

Master (Civilians): Citizens who have lived so much with the alliance, and understood so much about its values, that they are among the players the King considers fit to replace him. Their voice carries a great moral authority, that of people who have made Nelva.

Civil-Military System