Conflict of Nations

Welcome to Nelva

What is Nelva, how to find them, contact them, and join them

This article will help you understand better who we are, how we think, and how to interact with us (Useful for Diplomats). Ultimately, if you are seeking for an alliance, it will help you to see if we are your style, and make the choice to begin the process of citizenship “as a honest and free individual”.

You are here on our “Wiki”. We use this website to host all our documents, but it’s also used (currently mostly in french) to gather all our teaching material that is proposed freely to anyone willing to learn. We are open to contributions and corrections, and translation is a ongoing project.
Many of us live in Europe and we have a multicultural european mindset. We don’t mind americans, but be aware we are not nationalists. We are not interested by “lmao US are obese” kind of stereotypes.


The Kingdom of Nelva has been created in 2009 (It was 100% french speaking at that time) on the premise that some players desired a bit more than just people that didn’t care of them outside of “””their strength””” as a player, a meatball that can be easily replaced or thrown away.

We played mostly on 3 games :

  • Gate4wars (a game that closed long ago, and that was a space game)
  • Supremacy 1914 (from 2013 onward)
  • Conflict of Nations (from 2018 onward)

After more than ten years, people have grown, and we developed our (real, not roleplay) culture, which we hold dearly.

This culture is summarised by our motto : Education, Valour, Benevolence

Guiding Principles

Education : The active and eternal will to progress. A player is never perfect, is never at the end of the path that leads him to discover, learn, evolve, and adapt. This includes game skill, of course, but not only. Learning about oneself in this long road helps to make the difference between pride for one’s accomplishments, and arrogance in what one thinks is unworthy of him.

Valour : The will to protect and to be worthy. Even the most humble player deserves great respect if he has fought loyally, intensely, and with all his sincerity, without seeking the easy way out or the sweet comfort of escape. The Nelva’s try to follow Coubertin’s adage in all conflicts and competitions: The triumph is less triumphant than the fight. The important thing is not to win, but to fight well.

Benevolence : The will to transmit and share. The values of education and valour allow a player to claim to be “good”. Ensuring that others can benefit from learning this education and valour is the pivotal point by which a player no longer simply qualifies as “good”, but as “great”. And Nelva believes that the aspiration of every player is to become great, rather than good.

Those principles guide a lot our government and how we organise/run the alliance.

Don’t come in Nelva with the hope that it’s just to look fancy and pretty : if you like to betray, to play in a egoistic fashion, and you don’t care about the collective, you will be severly pressured.

Power Structure

Government of the United Kingdom - Wikiwand
In several ways, Nelva’s government works as the United Kingdom throughout the 1870’s

Nelva is a constitutional monarchy. The King is the “Leader”, but his power is severly limited by a constitution and the direct power lies in the government.

Despite what it may look like, the King of Nelva has less individual power than many “bosses” of small alliances.

For example :

  • He can’t unilaterally decide to play challenges
  • He can’t unilaterally decide to recruit someone
  • He can’t unilaterally fire someone
  • etc…

His main role is to organise/nominate the government, and ensure the officers follow the guiding principles. He is a engine to steer the ship the good way.

The Direct power is held by the various ministers and officers nominated according to the needs of the alliance.

Those ministers are held by policies that are mostly chosen through collective discussion and debate between the citizens.

“Nelva isn’t a democracy but we don’t go against the Vox Populi, except if it’s about the guiding principles”

Social Life

Even if the Summer is a “yearly lowest” in activity, we still talk a hefty lot, in average.

Nelva isn’t limited to CoN or games : we are a social place, and we love to just chit chat, talk of news, culture, life, anything goes. The game is a platform, not our reason to exist.

As a result, Nelvas tend to be talkative, and outgoing. We love people that will bring to us things to share and talk about, not just “i’m a good air player in CoN”.

People are humans, and we seek human beings first and foremost. For the same reason, we equally like people that do not want to join Nelva but simply come to take tea and talk.

Only limit to that : We do not see kindly retardation and we don’t consider the Nelva server to be a remote island. We do not hesitate to throw out people that make fools of themselves, in public or in private. We reserve our sovereign right to throw out anyone we consider is abusing our hospitality.

We also don’t care for a big server with thousands of inactive people. We are a social place, and we clean the dead bodies.

Place in the Community

Internationalism does not mean the end of individual nations. Orchestras  don't mean the end of violins." ~Golda Meir Alltrad… | Language quotes,  Words, Orchestras
Nelva has a “Internationalist” Foreign Policy

The motto of the Nelva foreign office is “Grow with, not within”. We are deeply invested in foreign help toward young alliances, and we try to provide, as much as possible, advice and support for newcomers. We want young alliances to be well managed, so that they can do their first steps in the challenge community without fearing to be killed in the effort.

We don’t really care for “rushing” challenges or elite challenges.

In other words, we trust less in selling weapons to new countries, and more in teaching them how to develop a stable economy (and then… an army).

We keep running a expansive network of diplomatic contacts that we use to follow the growth and development of our friends.

We really care for the problems beyond our borders, because we consider that Nelva’s well-being is strengthened by Community well-being.

We also really care because we learn a lot about our own flaws and how to fix them, by exhanging with other entities that met the same problems.

English Language

Nelva was in the past French-speaking, first and foremost, but with time passing and our presence in the international community of CoN, we gradually welcomed English-speaking influences. At first, it was emissaries, then a few english-speaking citizens, and we have a significant part of the citizens that are bilingual.

In 2021, the growth of our administration allowed us to merge with an alliance that, by marvel, shared a culture very close to us : the Oathkeepers.

Nelva and Oathkeepers merged, and where before Nelva had “a few english speakers”, now we have a dedicated branch that welcome (and actively recruit) english speakers, as long as they share our policies and ethos.

You want to join Nelva ? It’s possible.

Want to know even more ?

You can access here a list of our customs, which give even more insights to our internal works. Don’t worry, any of us will be more than happy to explain to you everything you desire.

Customs are maybe the article that shows the most how we are and think.

Definitely interested, even after our attempts to bore you so much you would say “pff, i’m not at school” and rage quit ? Follow the form and contact us, then 🙂