House points grid

You will find in these tables the grid of points to be awarded according to the actions carried out on the server or in the various games. This table is only indicative, a modulation in the attribution of points can take place according to the scale of the action to be rewarded.

In-game behaviour

Type of actionAffected valuePoints awarded
Fight outnumbered when you can join a group for survivalValour7
Win a public gameValour10
Passing on knowledge to a brave young enemy playerBenevolence10
Win a public game against a golder and/or traitorValour15
Discourage a player from committing treason and help them find a better wayEducation15
Win a public game against a massgoldeurValour20
Intervene between a traitor and his victimValour / Benevolence25

Participate in the life of the alliance

Type of actionAffected valuePoints awarded
Accompany a visitor in publicEducation5
Write a party narrativeEducation5
Write an article on the wikiEducation10
Being a mentor of an aspirant and accompanying him in partyEducation10
Carry out any type of work in the alliance (discussion, particular text, other)Education10

Challenge with Nelva

Type of actionAffected valuePoints awarded
Proper participation in an alliance internshipEducation5
Participation in an alliance challengeEducation5
Challenge as a soldier done correctlyValour10
Challenge as TC done correctlyValour15
Challenge as TL done correctlyValour15

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